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Postpartum Doula Services

"Our postpartum doula was a tremendous help, essential, the day we came home. She really put us at ease that day. She was encouraging, supportive and very reassuring. She took a genuine interest in our baby and family needs which I greatly appreciated."

-Melissa M.

Doulas of Berks County offers skilled and supportive postpartum doula services to ease the transition as you welcome your baby (or babies - we are experienced in the care of multiples, too!) into your home. Your postpartum doula can anticipate your needs and put your mind as ease, freeing you to enjoy your new addition, have a little "me-time", sleep, or catch up on business. Our postpartum doulas are experts in meeting both your and your baby's needs.

Just as our birth doulas provide physical, emotional and educational support during labor and birth, postpartum doulas also provide physical, emotional and educational support to new parents in the weeks and months following birth. And if continuity in relationships is important to you, many of our doulas are trained in both labor and postpartum support, so you can request the same doulas for both services.

The postpartum doulas at Doulas of Berks County stay current in child-rearing trends and infant safety, and as such can offer answers and referrals for questions you may have in these areas. And unlike all well-meaning friends and family of new parents, your postpartum doula support is always judgement-free!

Daytime postpartum doula support

Daytime postpartum doula support helps new parents feel less isolated as they adjust to a new routine. Whether you choose a long shower without having to listen for your baby's cry, a midday nap while your postpartum doulas folds the baby's laundry or prepares your lunch, or chatting with your doula about new life with baby, you can be confident that you are receiving skilled, knowledgable, and unbiased support. Our postpartum doulas are trained in newborn care, infant sleep, ways to soothe your baby, and more. For breastfeeding mothers, your postpartum doula can offer assistance with a variety of feeding concerns, including milk supply, baby's latch, nursing positions, etc. Doulas of Berks County ensures that its doulas are trained in postpartum mood disorders and are prepared to support our clients in any situation, from the "baby blues" through postpartum mood disorder. Some research indicates that postpartum mood disorders occur less frequently when new parents are well supported.

Overnight postpartum doula support

Overnight postpartum doula support allows exhausted parents to enjoy restorative sleep, knowing their baby is well cared for. Whether you have chosen to breastfeed, formula feed, or use a combination of feeding types, your doula will follow your feeding schedule and take care of diaper changes, and getting your baby back to sleep so you can enjoy the extra minutes of well-deserved rest. And while your baby is sleeping, your doula can do light housekeeping so you wake rested with a cleaner home.

Managing Multiples

"Our postpartum doula Tracy's calm demeanor and knowledge of infant behavior and nursing helped us immensely as we added twins to our family of four. She joined us the night we came home from the hospital and immediately fit into our family as she cared for our twins and for me as I recovered from my c-section. She surpassed every expectation I had! I was worried about being judged for having a c-section and for using formula for awhile as my twins learned to nurse, but I was met with nothing but love and support. She made the transition from two to four smooth and even enjoyable, when what I expected was a lot of stress."

-Kat C.

While being a new parent of a singleton infant can feel overwhelming, coming home with multiples can sometimes feel totally unmanageable. Doulas of Berks County has doulas trained to work with families blessed with multiples. Whether it's putting systems in place to manage feeding, diapering and bathing your babies, providing knowledge and instruction on feeding multiples who wake hungry at the same time or just providing an extra hand so you can focus on one baby at a time, our doulas will help you make your transition with your little bundles of joy smooth and stress-free.