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Labor Doula Services

"I learned from my doula what to expect during labor and delivery, which helped me make educated decisions about the birth experience. Tracy helped me with nursing techniques, ways in which to calm my crying baby, and recognizing early cues for feeding. I felt comfortable sharing with her what I perceived as my weaknesses and she helped me turn them into strengths. She's amazing!"

-Heather Clark

The birth of your baby is a life-changing event, and a time that you will remember for the rest of your life. Hiring Doulas of Berks County to support you in your birth will have a profoundly positive impact on both your birth and the memories you'll carry with you about that special day throughout your life.

Your Doulas of Berks County birth doula is a trained labor support specialist. She brings knowledge, skill, and compassion to your birth. Doctors, midwives, and nurses are responsible for you and your baby's physical health and safety - as well as any other laboring parents and their babies. Your birth doula is focused entirely on making your birth an experience you'll cherish forever. Working together with your care providers, your doula will make sure your needs are heard.

Judgement-Free Support:  Our Goals Are Your Goals

Whether you are keeping your options open for your birth, desperately wanting a drug-free birth, or are confident you want an epidural as soon as possible, your doula is committed to helping you meet your goals. Our Doulas do not bring preconceived ideas about what your birth should look like. The choices are yours; we're here to make your dreams a reality.

Education and Informational Support

Beginning with the day you hire Doulas of Berks County, our doulas are available to answer your questions and provide resources for you. Toward the end of your pregnancy, we'll spend an hour or two together, discussing your hopes and plans for your birth. We'll talk with you about how your doula can help your birth be everything you hope for. There's a good chance we'll be able to make suggestions for your labor and birth that you hadn't imagined - but couldn't imagine doing without.  

Physical comfort

From low-tech, relaxing foot and hand massages to skilled use of Rebozos and counter-pressure techniques, your doula has seemingly limitless skills for helping you be as comfortable as possible during your labor - and the time and energy to devote entirely to your comfort.

Emotional Support

While labor may not feel like a day at the spa, hiring Doulas of Berks County means that during your labor and birth your doula will be just as tuned in to your needs as you'd expect at your favorite resort. Your doula is devoted to learning about you; how you make decisions, what things make you feel stress, your favorite way to relax, so that when your labor day arrives, you have a trusted companion by your side to support you through this experience.  

Doulas for Dads and partners

Just as we don't have any picture of how you should want to give birth, we also offer judgement-free support to dads and partners. For those who want to play an active role in providing comfort measures, your doula can act like your personal coach, guiding you through ways of making your loved one as comfortable as possible during her labor and birth. For dads and partners who want to be present to witness their baby's birth, but who may not be sure how actively they want to participate, your doula will make sure your loved one's needs are heard and met, so you are free to be present without pressure. 

When surprises happen

Birth doesn't always go according to your script (ok, birth rarely goes exactly according to your script). In these instances, if your care provider makes a suggestion, your doula can make sure you fully understand your options so that you can make a decision with which you're comfortable. If an emergency arises, the healthcare team becomes singularly focused with safety measures.  Your doula will maintain her support of you and your partner, keeping you informed, calming you, and letting you know what you may expect.