Doulas of Berks County, LLC

Serving Berks County and Beyond

Doulas of Berks County made me feel like I was the most important client they ever had. I felt supported and loved, and could tell that my doulas had a genuine interest in my birth process.
— Jamie M.
I always thought that doulas were just an “extra” service that people with extra money or home birth women used. As a nurse, I never thought I would need that service. Doulas of Berks County went above and beyond any expectations I had and was very much needed in the room with my husband and mother. I would never go through labor again without them!
— Emily C.
Doulas of Berks County provided wonderful support and guidance through childbirth education and labor and delivery services, and peace of mind during the entire birth process. They encouraged us to seek the healthcare and hospital setting that we wanted, and made us feel so comfortable. We highly recommend Doulas of Berks County!
— Heather S.
Doulas of Berks County’s support exceeded our expectations and made my birth experience much smoother. They sought out opportunities to serve us from massages and counter pressure to staying late and making the dad-to-be’s bed during the C-section. They provided useful and relevant suggestions before and during the delivery, and remained encouraging and considerate even when circumstances were changing. Doulas of Berks County’s support during your labor will reduce your stress and help deliver the best birthing experience you can have!
— Stephanie B.
Having Tracy meet with us before our birth and her prescence during labor was huge help, especially with minimizing my husband’s anxiety surrounding having his first child. She was a wonderful advocate and supportive resource for me as well, and I would highly recommend Doulas of Berks County to anyone experiencing pregnancy!
— Danielle P.
I learned from my doula what to expect during labor and delivery, which helped me make educated decisions about the birth experience. Tracy helped me with nursing techniques, ways in which to calm my baby, and recognizing early cues for feeding. I felt comfortable sharing with her what I perceived as my weaknesses and she helped me turn them into strengths. She’s amazing!
— Heather C.
I didn’t realize until after my birth just how much I needed my doulas. They helped me push through and stay calm during my labor by just holding my hand. They helped me breathe and kept my husband calm, too. Having Doulas of Berks County as my doulas was such an amazing experience!
— Ali R.
Our postpartum doula Tracy’s calm demeanor and knowledge of infant behavior and nursing helped us immensely as we added twins to our family of four. She joined us the night we came home from the hospital and immediately fit into our family as she cared for our twins and for me as I recovered from my c-section. She surpassed every expectation I had! I was worried about being judged for having a c-section and for using formula for a while as my twins learned to nurse, but I was met with nothing but love and support. She made the transition from two to four smooth and even enjoyable, when what I expected was a lot of stress.
— Katherine C.
After days of feeling like a “failure mom” to both my toddler and newborn, Doulas of Berks County helped me to get sleep and lifted my spirits, making me a better mom. Thank you for coming into my home, caring for my newborn and toddler, and making me a more emotionally stable new mom. Doulas of Berks County’s postpartum support allowed me to enjoy some of what should be the toughest times in parenthood, and I will be forever grateful.
— Marybeth P.
Our postpartum doulas were a tremendous help, and essential the day we came home. They really put us at ease that day. They were encouraging, supportive, and very reassuring. They took a genuine interest in our baby and family needs, which I greatly appreciated.
— Melissa M.
Doulas of Berks County came to the rescue in the first few days as I struggled with breastfeeding. It is supposed to be natural, right? Well, my story was anything but natural. Luckily I called Tracy and she fit me into her busy schedule that very afternoon. She was patient, kind, honest, and I could tell she was a special person. Having her by my side for questions and help was just the support I needed as a new mother.
— Christine J.
Tracy did a fantastic job with my placenta encapsulation. She was timely and very professional, making me feel confident that it was all being taken care of and I could just enjoy my first few days postpartum. She offered such helpful breastfeeding advice during our lactation consult as well. After her help, baby and I were finally able to latch without pain. I highly recommend Tracy and Doulas of Berks County for postpartum support!
— Shannon M.
Tracy was great, she presented a very warm and supportive demeanor and freely offered tips on breastfeeding and other areas while performing my placenta encapsulation. I plan to use Doulas of Berks County’s services for my next birth!
— Martha G.
Tracy did an excellent job at working with our requests and wants. She was great at taking time and explaining things to us during our placenta encapsulation. We appreciate her efforts!
— Colleen L.